Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Arancini Recipe by Strada Italiano Asheville

When we think appetizers, we want something from the Homeland. Something our ancestors have made for many generations. We want a taste of Italy and a piece of history. Arancini originated in Sicily Italy in the 10th century and the family has been eating it ever since. The name actually came from "Arancina" which means "little orange" & this is because of  the size, shape and color of this delicious dish.

Our course you can add your homemade spices to complement the mix, but Arancini is not hard at all to make. The ingredients you will need are:

1lb cooked risotto (rice)
1/4 cup caramelized onion
Salt and pepper to taste
1 ball fresh mozzarella med dice
5 eggs
1.5 cups seasoned flour
2 cups Panko bread crumbs

Use a mixing bowl: mix the rice, onions, salt and pepper, when incorporated portion and form into two ounce balls. Push your finger half way through each ball and insert a piece of fresh mozzarella, close and reform the ball. In three stages, bread the balls first with flour, then egg mixture, and finally the Panko bread crumbs. Deep fry the Arancini at 350 for about three to four minutes. Mangia!!

You can make this dish at home, or visit Strada Italiano in downtown Asheville.. & Chef Anthony Cerrato will make some Arancini just for you.

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