Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vote Strada at the Asheville Pizza Showdown 2012

Strada Italiano is excited to be a part of the Asheville Pizza Showdown 2012. We plan on bringing back the same quality pizza we won 1st Place Cheeze Pizza with 2 years ago. We will be there all afternoon and into the evening. We look forward to a great time with the pizza and beer community of Asheville and WNC. Thank you!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Asheville Wine at Strada Italiano

At Strada Italiano in Asheville NC, wine is a big part of what we do. Having that perfect glass of wine with a dish of our Italian Cuisine can turn a good day to great. We take pride in our wine selection as we carefully sample and select each bottle before it is ever listed with our offerings. 

Here are a few wines that will definitely interest you:

1. La Marca Porosecco - Prosecco has quickly become 1 of the most successful sparkling wine types made. It is made from the Glera white grape. Great with appetizers such as the Antipasto and Frito Misto.

2. Bolla Soave - Delicate almond aftertaste makes this wine the perfect quaff to lighter cuisine such as grilled seafood, chicken, fire-based pastas, & entree salads. 

3. Stemmari Chardonnay - This is the most widespread white grape variety in the whole world. It discovered the ideal environment in Sicily Italy for producing wines possessing richness and aromatic intensity. Great with chicken based meals including the Chicken Piccata and also Scorfani fish.

Stop by @StradaAsheville and check out the great wine selection that we have right here in Asheville NC. Also, please take a moment to LIKE Strada Asheville on Facebook.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Arancini Recipe by Strada Italiano Asheville

When we think appetizers, we want something from the Homeland. Something our ancestors have made for many generations. We want a taste of Italy and a piece of history. Arancini originated in Sicily Italy in the 10th century and the family has been eating it ever since. The name actually came from "Arancina" which means "little orange" & this is because of  the size, shape and color of this delicious dish.

Our course you can add your homemade spices to complement the mix, but Arancini is not hard at all to make. The ingredients you will need are:

1lb cooked risotto (rice)
1/4 cup caramelized onion
Salt and pepper to taste
1 ball fresh mozzarella med dice
5 eggs
1.5 cups seasoned flour
2 cups Panko bread crumbs

Use a mixing bowl: mix the rice, onions, salt and pepper, when incorporated portion and form into two ounce balls. Push your finger half way through each ball and insert a piece of fresh mozzarella, close and reform the ball. In three stages, bread the balls first with flour, then egg mixture, and finally the Panko bread crumbs. Deep fry the Arancini at 350 for about three to four minutes. Mangia!!

You can make this dish at home, or visit Strada Italiano in downtown Asheville.. & Chef Anthony Cerrato will make some Arancini just for you.

You can also find @StradaAsheville on Twitter and Strada Asheville on Facebook.
27 Broadway Street, Aasheville NC 28801 - Phone: 828.348.8448

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bread Talks in Asheville North Carolina

Bread is a key ingredient in so many of our lives. Whether you are making a sandwich, having a cracker, or eating a slice of bread with your meal; it is a huge part of our daily diet. Add an Italian twist to that, with the finest ingredients you can find, and your bread actually begins to talk big!

Strada Asheville is now offering a vast selection of fresh baked bread, made on site, which you can stop by and pick up anytime during normal business hours. The breads we offer are the real deal. So real, that we are now supplying many other foodie establishments in the area.

An Italian bread bakery is what many in the area have been asking for and we have now delivered. Strada offers a great lunch, fine dinner entrees, a wonderful Sunday brunch, delicious desserts, a full bar with plenty of seating, a practical children's menu, and now some of the best bread right here in downtown Asheville NC. 

Chef Anthony Cerrato is behind this 100%, and when it comes to food, going above and beyond is what he is used to. We have a standard to exceed, not only in Asheville, but around the World. Our Italian ancestors expect only the best! We invite you to check out our bread selection. Strada is located at 27 Broadway Street. Come by, walk in the door, and our fresh baked breads are to the right in a display case.

You can also find Strada Asheville on Twitter @StradaAsheville and Facebook.

Photos by Ryan - Sociable Influence

Chef Anthony expands his repertoir!

Many of you may have heard by now that our beloved Chef Anthony will be moving his interests to 27 Broadway, directly next to Sazerac. He will be leaving the family business to start his own legacy. Look for the change sometime in March or beginning of April. Fiore's has come to an end, but we are very excited for him and support him 100%. We know that the public will as well. The name of the restaurant is Strada and you can expect a subtle tribute to Italy :) He will still cook his famous traditional Italian cooking so have no fear for those of you who love our Tuscan stuffed figs or our housemade bread and pastries. The bakery will be an onsite bakery and will feature different breads daily which will be available for purchase so you can have your own little taste of Italy at home.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Fiore's comes out with NEW FALL MENU!

The transition from summer fun, time at the beach or the pool, and vacations can be a bummer because it means more time inside and at work. We would like to help ease the pain of the cold. While we will say our goodbyes to more seasonal dishes (as well as the warm weather) we welcome in new ones that will make their debut with us. This fall and winter we will give you something to look forward to. Come spend an authentic Tuscan inspired evening with us and enjoy our seafood steamer pot which features clams, mussels, shrimp, crab and other fish from Asheville's own Blue Water Seafood. For those of you who do not enjoy seafood we have something for you too. Our braised beef short ribs with local roma tomato jam is a plate to be guarded from your dinner company. It is guaranteed to satisfy all! And last but not least in our fall menu sneak peek is something truly amazing. If you have a sweet tooth this is definitely for you. All of you who love our tiramisu don't worry, we will always have it. For those of you who cannot partake in such joys of life because of gluten intolerance look no further. We will have a gluten free tiramisu!! Since we are gluten free certified don't worry or feel guilty about indulging. We always have your best interest in mind. If that doesn't make you warm and fuzzy inside and excited about the season change we don't know what will. You can expect to see these new menu items next week!! We look forward to seeing you and don't forget to come in and enjoy our current menu before its gone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Asheville - welcome the Seasonal School of Culinary Arts

Great foodie events happening in the Asheville area July 10th - 16th, 2011. The Seasonal School of Culinary Arts has a week long culinary experience in the area that you do not want to miss. Fiore's is proud to be a part of it.