Thursday, June 21, 2012

Asheville Wine at Strada Italiano

At Strada Italiano in Asheville NC, wine is a big part of what we do. Having that perfect glass of wine with a dish of our Italian Cuisine can turn a good day to great. We take pride in our wine selection as we carefully sample and select each bottle before it is ever listed with our offerings. 

Here are a few wines that will definitely interest you:

1. La Marca Porosecco - Prosecco has quickly become 1 of the most successful sparkling wine types made. It is made from the Glera white grape. Great with appetizers such as the Antipasto and Frito Misto.

2. Bolla Soave - Delicate almond aftertaste makes this wine the perfect quaff to lighter cuisine such as grilled seafood, chicken, fire-based pastas, & entree salads. 

3. Stemmari Chardonnay - This is the most widespread white grape variety in the whole world. It discovered the ideal environment in Sicily Italy for producing wines possessing richness and aromatic intensity. Great with chicken based meals including the Chicken Piccata and also Scorfani fish.

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